Sep 1, 2006


From: a#*@$!^
Subject: Belwether
Date: September 1, 2006 4:28:45 PM EDT
To: ee@vxe$$$2.nxt

It's been four years of work! Hustling!! Making that $$$$!!!!!!!
For a minute i thought i was living here. Calling this place home and shit. There's a shower in avid 9, check it for real!!! And a treadmill! I ran on that thing day and night!!!! And I still gained a belly while I was here, somehow.

For those of you who haven't experienced it, the view from our wrap-around balcony is particularly nice at 5am. But the real secret is that I once woke up in Avid 1 and saw a stubborn dragon careening past the guard rail! Like he had somewhere to be and shit. Max knows. Tina believes me. Vito's a believer too. I've got a ride now to the West, to Gridley. That took an incredible level of persuasion, but i won him over in the end. So now I have a blazing orange dragon on my side, an invitation to a party in the sunrise, feathers bristling!

Oh, before i forget, it's possible also to walk from the balcony to Scores with a tightrope I've set up. You can also set it up to go toward that sunset, and march into the marijuana dream.

I've learned to accomplish incredible feats of perfection with all of you. The value of hardwork. I wish you the best.


Aug 27, 2006

Al Otro Lado

Just heard about this cool doc that showed on the PBS series POV, Al Otro Lado. By Mexican/American director Natalia Almada, it examines illegal immigration and drug trafficking through the lens of corrido music.

also check out this article in the NYTimes:

We're jealous.