Sep 1, 2007

Radio Luiseño at KZFR hosted by Frankenstein

We’re sitting at 90.1 KZFR in Chico, CA, about to go on the air with one of our mixes.
A quick checklist:

Turntables (3): Check (thanks to KZFR, plus one that we brought).
Mixer, check.
Laptops (2): Check.
Cables (after 2 trips to Wal-Mart), check.
Youtube Samples: Check.
Myspace bulletin: Check!! *

DJ Danny T has hella experience in front of crowds, but I believe this is his first time on the air. He’s all giddy. I’ve got a crazy head-ache. It’s been 104 all day!—and I didn’t drink enough water. How the hell am I supposed to make it to Aztlan with a melting brain?

Danny and Ricardo have it under control though, I’m going to chill with our host Frankenstein, who is being kind enough to be supervise our little session.

Frankenstein, every Friday night, from mid-nite to 2am or so, is always serving his people here at community radio station KZFR 90.1. His show is called Mid-Nite Melody, check out the myspace.

Frankenstein comes on right after DJ Smiley’s Cultural Roots of Aztlan starting at 10pm. This block, from 10pm to 2am—is the only place to hear the baddest mix of real old school jams, Mexican hip-hop, and of course music of our cultural roots, the people of Aztlan.

*just kidding. I didn’t have the wherewithal to post one.