Mar 12, 2009

Sacramento and Its Riverside Tent City

Oddly, I came across this news report while channel flipping the other day, but flipped the channel before seeing that the report was about Sacramento, Califas. I remember seeing the people and assumed it was a community, say, in the South, a place that I associate with blight (I know that sounds awful, but it's true--I'm fed this by the mainstream media, it's a reaction that comes without any thought). Then Ricardo sent me the link to the NYTimes story.

I generally don't like to put up such depressing things on this blog, but this is so close to home. And i'd actually rather not comment on the content, but point out that the media, in general, has this incredible power to depress people these days. It's all doom and gloom. Not that this sort of thing shouldn't be reported. But it bothers me, how much power the media has to tax our existence.