May 16, 2008



HOWDY DUDE are you on your way already?????? Hope you are doing good. what do you think about the happs on the world mann.. It's fucking scary. You got dudes fucking with some of the biggest magnetic fields in the world, causing all these earthquakes, cyclones, and so on. Im freaked out over here. Global control is at it's worst, and nobody with power is doing anything about it, politicly, biblicly , and morally, the world is fucked up. I just hope that we get some more time here, I like my life and I'm just getting to enjoy it. What do you know or what can you tell me to make me feel better. I'm worried for the world and all these beautiful people that don't even have a clue on what is really happening, this shit is weighing on me hard-core. There has got to be something we can do. How come I feel so............................................?//:

El Bandito Siete loves you brother and hopes all is good!