Aug 18, 2007

Revenge Dream

-Myself and a Friend—Not specified.
-Another Couple—a man and woman, both about my age, in a relationship. In the dream, we know them both, though for whatever reason we have more of an affinity to the girl.
-A Young Boy
-Leftist Rebel "Terrorists"

The dream opens in a forest. Beautiful, idyllic. Near a lake. Large trees, with space allowing sunlight. We are in an alcove. The man has hung his partner, the woman; she's hanging from a tree with a noose around her neck. He is telling us, with gusto, that he hung her recently. He smiles and chuckles as he tells us. My friend and I look at each other. We imagine her hanging from a high branch, she is wearing a long skirt, her feet are at least 6 feet above our heads. We liked the girl, she was a good person that did not deserve this type of death.

Time passes. A couple of days. We return to the alcove knowing the man will be there. We murder him. We tie him up and hang him. It is quick. There is little struggle. We do it without hesitation. He hangs in the same way she did, the way we imagined her in our minds.

Time passes. A young boy is telling us about the body, describing its leathery disintegration. My friend and I look at each other, and begin to wonder if we should have killed him. We ask the boy to lead us to the body, pretending we do not know where it is. It is bluish and leathery, emaciated. We experience no regret.

I leave the site. I am more concerned about being caught than anything else. I am in a restaurant that is situated on a boat. It’s a fancy restaurant, somehow I enter through the back, as if I never boarded the ship. I get poor service, I am alone.

A group dressed in dark military gear threaten to over-run the ship. I feel that they’re looking for me the first time they try to get in, but then I realize they are terrorists, and they are taking over the ship.