Nov 10, 2006

Chihuahua MX.

Honeywell, Coca-Cola, Lextor, Holiday INN.


landscape of a travelling mind:

1) Confessions of an Economic Hitman, John Perkins
2) Elizabeth Costello, J.M. Coetzee
3) Don Quixote

Also, Oaxaca

El Paso feels like Mexico, but it's not. Getting into Mexico is no problem. Within Mexico: 1 military checkpoint, 2 casetas (tolls). Holiday Inn Express Chihahua however may as well be Holiday Inn Express Yuba City, CA.

Nov 7, 2006

election theater. upstairs, downstairs.

did angelides really even try to defeat the andriod gov? besides the fact that i watch zero tv anymore, i still wonder how the democrats tried to reach me? i got some robo-calls last week. urging me to keep the california dream alive. but nothing about how the dream is actually a well kept gated community in the suburbs. angelidies, i realized your were a token canidate a long time ago – but if you are going claim representation for the middle-class and liberal minds, walk around the rural towns of northern california. at least try to give an option to the people i see everyday that might need some help from sacramento. don't just hang back and wait for the elections to be over so you can go back to the random political postion you have held for who knows how many years.

I voted purple.

2nd Mission Proposal

Since the onslaught of information directed at spectators/audiences/consumers heightened it's rate of attack--arguably at the beginning of the 20th century--the notion of "community" has been changing. As if the age of mechanical reproduction did not affect the masses in never-before seen ways, memeplexic online communities are now as real as physical communities of human beings, if not more.

Fragmented self expression is a requirement to belong to these communities: name, location, interests, etc. People are connecting through any number of online communities, where they share music, photos, videos, often created by the members themselves. Meanwhile, entire websites are devoted to user generated content.

Luiseño Films is an alternative media-arts movent committed to building community, both physical and virtual.

flirting with danger USA

Proposal For Mission Statement

It is the year 2006 and the notion of community is beginning a sequential loop. It is both changing and remaining strong. We are in a time of primordial preservation as well as a youthful climate of change. Luiseño Films is an alternative media-arts movent dedicated to serving the memory of communities in a cyclical universe. Memetic Communication has propelled us into a dreamscape present, where justice and freedom reign.

Luiseño is committed to serving its communitities by providing a resource for creative expression on a community level.

Nov 6, 2006

tiger mckenna is on the case today with some reports from the field:

1) explosions reported in Mexico city

2) Ortega headed for victory in Nicaragua

3)Oaxaca continues

ex ex ex's READ: I remember being at the Old Time Sacramento many New Years ago, with Peter Fonda, Juan Cicada and The Romainian Bank Robber.

We waited and waited for the fireworks to rip throught the orange clouds. And Nothing.

Talking about Republicianism. Fireworks. RepublicianSIM. OAXACA.

Nov 5, 2006

This Is How One Half Lives

While the dutiful Sebastian Zargossa happily went about his work, bringing new friends into the fold, his alter ego Nigel K-FKA was in the bay-area, forcing observations from the other side, with that other half we must acknowledge, often live with, and especially, love. Here are some of Nigel's notes:

they(/we?) roil through life. roily f-ing polys. One big diahrrhea. a big burst PPPPHHHLLLLLaaaaaUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUrrrrrrtt in the middle:

they(/we?)speakEnglishgotocollegegetjobsStartpredatorylendingcompaniesthatkeep la gente del otro lado livingonthissideinpoverty,oppressionDriveBMWs...
and then its over: sss$$$ching. Retirement and Dia de los Muertos, if they(/we?) are lucky enough to be remembered.


So: rat-race-brown flushed-down into the neat sewer pipes of silicon valley

BUT! the blood comes through the pipes again: they(/we?) have children. and the children: beautiful brown, but what color's their blood?
hint:the color of their parents blue Hummer.
Martines, Rodriguess,. Box-checkers indeed, all of them, but how do they vote, and why are they racist.
who$ fault i$ it?

Nigel also told of a dream where he and Seb are at the top of a giant bunk-bed party with about 15 other people. The bed falls 80 stories and crushes all of their cameras.
The outcome of the dream/what we can learn from it: 1) Nigel and Seb are completely unharmed 2) falling those 80 stories was quite fun 3) the girl throwing the party had insurance.


9:30 am. Why? Unlike Saturdays, Sundays always seemed to get away from me, homework, girls, family. ?
10:00 am Northbound Historic US 99, into Biggs. Richvalle. Nelson. Durham. Chico.

Butte County is breathing, the earth beneath it is blessed. Could everything be perfect?

El Corazon dise la verdad.


11:04 am KZFR Studios. Washington Quezada invited us to document his interview with Dr. Char Prieto, Professor of Foreign Languages and Literatures at Chico State. She and two of her students were on the air speaking about their project and work involving the history of Franco's Spain. They spoke of mass graves left over from the Spanish Civil War, oppression and the dangers of unconditional nationalism. After Hitler commited suicide, and Mussolini was executed and hung by the legs in Giulino di Mezzegra, Franco persisted for another 30 years, prolonging the pain and devastation as long as he could for his unwilling peoples. Off the air, while an unknown singer sung about Federico García Lorca, political parrallels hung silently in the crowded booth.

Afterwards, I spent the afternoon with the three Espanistas at the Pluto's nearby. As the time flew by, more and more people entered in and out of the scene. Talking about our ultimate desires and fears = Instant community. Built within mere minutes, random passers-by became friends and collaboraters.


Lou Reed having a salad in the background.

Chico, can you restrain yourself from the temptations of the evil yuppie?


3:10 pm Southbound Historic US 99. Durham, Nelson, Richvalle, Biggs, Gridley. Birds. Baseball. Packing. Blogging.

Princeton, I promise to visit this week.